Live-Blogging the ‘Doctor Who’ Premiere, ‘The Bells of Saint John’

Jenna-Louise Coleman in 'The Bells of Saint John' (Photo: BBC AMERICA)

Jenna-Louise Coleman in ‘The Bells of Saint John’ (Photo: BBC AMERICA)

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8:59 pm ET: Clara calling the TARDIS “a snogbox”? Her resisting the Doctor’s invitation to come along? She’s an intriguing creation, and I’m fascinated with her how her arc will unfold and how the many layers of her character will be peeled off. (Already she’s challenging him unlike any other companion, save the equally enigmatic River Song.)

8:53 pm ET: Can we make Ms. Kizlet a recurring character? Love her, and Celia Imrie is playing her to the hilt. She had many of the episode’s best lines, including this gem: “Actually, he’s about to go on holiday. Kill him when he gets back. Let’s not be unreasonable.”

8:48 pm ET:

8:44 pm ET:

8:41 pm ET:

8:38 pm ET: Ms. Kizlet: “I do love London. So many cameras.”

8:35 pm ET:

8:30 pm ET: This episode is really pulling out all of the stops. The Doctor and Clara safely land an out-of-control airplane? This is like several big-budget feature films within one episode.

8:29 pm ET:

8:27 pm ET: Steven Moffat getting in some friendly ribbing toward Twitter. Touché.

8:19 pm ET: Thoughts so far? I love the impish boyishness Matt Smith brings to the Doctor and how pleased he was to see Clara. He is an incredibly charismatic actor. The spoonheads give a slight nod to “Silence in the Library,” and the rotating visages remain one of the creepiest images I’ve seen on the series.

8:16 pm ET:

8:13 pm ET Introducing Celia Imrie. What a great character actress. And Steven Moffat is bringing out a juicy, slinky, sexy side of her in this performance as a villainness.

8:11 pm ET

8:08 pm ET: When was the last time the phone on the TARDIS rang? Was it “The Empty Child”? It’s always unsettling.

8:07 pm ET::

8:02 pm ET: Marvelous shifts from modern-day to a 13th century monastery. Things that can only happen on Doctor Who.

8 pm ET: All right, we’re off, folks. “The Bells of Saint John!” Ready to add wi-fi to statues, little black boxes, pepper shakers, and the other things Doctor Who has made frightening?

7:57 pm:

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