EXCLUSIVE: British Folksters Skinny Lister Thrash BBC AMERICA’s SXSW Roadhouse

Lorna Thomas of Skinny Lister. (Photo: Kerry Gray/Getty Images)

Lorna Thomas of Skinny Lister. (Photo: Kerry Gray/Getty Images)

You’d be hard-pressed to find a band who loves performing more than British folk five-piece Skinny Lister. Every set they play is a proper knees-up, with charismatic frontwoman Lorna Thomas shimmy-shaking like an English Nicki Minaj and her four bandmates stomping and chanting. They perform with a sense of abandon and brio that would make The Lumineers gasp for air.

For the second South By Southwest in a row, we were there to capture their indefatigable spirit, but this year, they graced BBC AMERICA’s Roadhouse stage, where they charged up the crowd. Check out two EXCLUSIVE performances. First up, “Rollin’ Over,” with begins with Ms. Thomas whirling, flinging her dress to and fro, and letting out a primal roar.

And if you fancy something a touch Pogues-esque, we present “40 Pound Wedding”:

Now that you’ve seen their show, it shouldn’t be a shock that they are quite lively interviews. Here they are, brewskis at the ready, chatting with our SXSW reporter Jon Sarlin about Brit slang and the foods from home they most crave when they are stateside:

How would you characterize Skinny Lister’s performance? Tell us below:

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