Emma Watson And The Nine Scary Waxworks Of Doom

Emma Watson's new waxwork (this and all photos courtesy of AP Images)

Emma Watson’s new waxwork (this and all photos courtesy of AP Images)

This week, a new waxwork of Emma Watson was revealed at the world famous Madame Tussaud’s in London. She looks, as a lot of waxworks do, not entirely unlike herself, but also not unlike someone else wearing an Emma Watson mask.

Waxworks exist in that visual space robot designers call the uncanny valley: they’re too human-looking to be fake and too fake to be human, and that can cause strong feelings of revulsion, and even fear. This goes double when you’re looking at a waxwork purporting to be someone whose features you know, because every deviation from the face you expect multiplies the unease.

So, here’s a collection of celebrity waxworks. Some are from Madame Tussauds, the very best at this sort of thing that there is. And some are from Louis Tussaud’s House of Wax Museum, in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, commonly considered to be among the worst.

Your mission is to guess which is which, and try and hold on to your breakfast. I will try and help you work out who is who, but do bear with me, some of them are really hard…


Case in point: Frodo Baggins, a man, Graham Nash and Gary Busey.


This one is clearly a young Robin Williams, years before Mork & Mindy.


Who knew Joan Rivers and Donald Trump were friends in the ’50s?


I think the one on the left is the waxwork. Or is it the other one?


Ah this one’s easy: Sharon Osbourne (’80s edition).


Which means this must be Amy Osbourne (nowadays edition). I knew these two were connected somehow.


This is genuinely supposed to be Richard Burton. Not A Richard Burton either, the famous one.


Hugh Grant looks rough in the mornings, doesn’t he?


I didn’t even realise Brian Jones was in the Beatles. Or Billy Bragg, come to that.

Note: if you’re struggling with any of these, check out the tags below…

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