With Easter just a few days away (March 31), many people are sure to be hard-boiling some eggs and buying a PAAS dye kit. Rather than going with one of the predetermined themes that accompany these packs, why not venture into the world of England? Below we’ve provided some inspiration for a British-themed Easter.

1. Queen’s Guard


2. Sherlock


3. The 11th Doctor


4. Dalek


5. The 10th & 11th Doctors and the TARDIS


6. Lord of the Rings


7. Alice in Wonderland


8. The Stig from Top Gear


9. Merlin


10. One Direction


11. Game of Thrones


12. The Royal Wedding

(Miami New Times)
(Miami New Times)

What BBC-inspired eggs are you going to make this year?

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By Rachel Marie Paquin