Best Picture Of 2013: The Queen Drives A Tube Train

(AP Images)

(AP Images)

To be honest, I didn’t even know there was a competition for Best Picture of 2013 until this beauty hove into view. Now I can’t imagine there can possibly be a better one.

I mean LOOK at it! That’s Her Majesty the Queen, visiting the London Underground (not something she does a lot, in the normal course of her working life, truth be told), for their 150th birthday, and being invited to the front of a tube train, to see how the driving works.

A finger on the shutter button later (and a canny change of the destination screen on the front of the train) and it looks like she’s driving her own train home.

Look! In this one she even appears to have got the hang of it:

The Queen on the Tube

150 years of progress indeed…

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