Batman and Robber? Masked Man Turns in Suspect

Can the real Batman please stand up, please stand up?

Can the real Batman please stand up, please stand up? (ABC/DC Comics)

A man wanted for handling stolen goods was brought in to the Bradford, UK police station by another man dressed as Batman, reports The Independent.

After doing some digging, the local police believe the man dressed in the costume may have been a friend of the suspected robber. With friends like that, who needs … oh, you know how the saying goes.

The man dressed in plain clothes came in willingly. The theory is that possibly the duo concocted the plan as a way for the suspected perpetrator to enjoy a “last hoorah” before turning himself him in. In the video they do look kind of chummy.

Kathryn Sutcliffe, who runs The Joke Shop in Kirkgate Market, believes she sold “Batman” the costume but will not release his credit card information, according to BBC Radio 5 Live. People are curious who this masked crusader is but he doesn’t appear to be in any trouble at this time.

His friend, on the other hand, is due to appear in court on March 8, charged with handling stolen goods and fraud-related offences.

Wonder if this scenario will help or hinder his case?