The Perfect One Direction Clip For Everyone, Ever

One Direction (in case you didn’t know)

The problem with being a world-straddling, press-eating pop band is simply this: not everyone likes you. And the people that don’t like you are often far more vocal than the people that do, and they’re pretty good at belittling the people that do like you.

They’ll say your fans are just teenage girls (because of course teenage girls are really easy to impress, right dads?), and they’re just getting in a froth because you look nice, and they’ll probably throw in some fairly ghastly reference to “knicker-wetting” at some point, which they probably think is superior and damning, but always looks a bit perverted in reality.

Then you’ll get cool rock people who play real music on real guitars and they’ll line up to slag you off because you don’t play real music on real guitars. You have electronic instruments and your band is hidden underneath your stage set, and that means it’s just showbiz and not proper music like the blues or something. It’s not unlike a trapeze artist having a pop at the clowns because they don’t have a clearly-defined skillset.

So, it’s with a sense of real triumph that we unveil this video of One Direction, the first One Direction video ever that should appeal to fans and foes alike (thanks to Digital Spy for flagging it up). It depicts the band on stage, having a chatty moment with their audience, then someone throws a shoe, then Harry wonders why they’ve thrown a shoe, and then… boom!

And the reasons everyone can get behind this are  a) shoe in the groin (good for the haters) and b) Harry’s clearly playing up for the fans (good for the fans).

Who knows, a few more shoes and a few more groins and maybe we can make peace between the pro and anti Bieber lobbies too.

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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