Steven Moffat On Zygons, Ice Warriors And A Trip Into The TARDIS

Steven Moffat (Photo by Anthony Harvey/PictureGroup)

For Doctor Who fans, old and new, this year is proving to be entirely driven by anticipation. So it’s good to hear a few hard facts from the mouth of Steven Moffat on the sort of things we can expect (and the sort of things we can stop expecting), if only so these permanently whetted appetites can finally be satiated, in part at least.

So hats off to Gallifrey One, who interviewed Steven recently, and managed to get more than a few new (or newish) hints as to what else is coming this year.

The entire interview is available here, on YouTube. Embedding has been disabled, so if you want the bullet point headlines, here they are, but do go and watch the whole thing, because it’s great.

Steven on the return of the Ice Warriors:

“It was Mark Gatiss’s idea and it was very much his pitch – he’d been pitching for Ice Warriors for a while. I wasn’t tremendously persuaded.

“I’ll be honest: I thought they were maybe the default condition for what people thought of as rubbish Doctor Who monsters – things that moved very, very slowly and spoke in a way that meant you couldn’t hear a word they said.

“Mark came up with a couple of very clever ideas, which he pitched to me over the phone in what was meant to be a Sherlock conversation. He had a couple of really stormingly good ideas, and it’s a great episode, an absolute cracker of an episode.”

Steven on exploring the centre of the TARDIS, in the forthcoming Journey To The Centre of the TARDIS:

“The idea is – it’s in the title – we’re gonna journey to the centre of the TARDIS. We’ve got some great visuals for that. I think it partly came out of my disappointment, many many years ago, when I read in the Radio Times about episode six of The Invasion of Time that there was going to be a game of cat and mouse with the Doctor and the Sontarans as they raced through the many rooms of the TARDIS, and my little heart was a-flutter at the thought that we were going to see lots and lots of the TARDIS. As we all know, what we saw lots and lots of was a rather ancient hospital, and that was very, very disappointing. So this time we’ve built the rest of the TARDIS, and it’s properly good, properly exciting.”

Steven on whether we will ever see the return of the Zygons:

“Who knows? Well… I know…” *enigmatic stare*

Steven on the Master:

“I think there’s a danger with giving the Doctor an arch-enemy like that – it’s sort of limiting and a little bit cartoony, I suppose. But I thought what Russell [T Davies] did with it – which is making him a complete lunatic – was really, really brilliant and really clever. I did think he sort of ended that story and ended it rather brilliantly.

“But what it comes down to is: do you have a great story or not? Do you have a great idea or not?”

Oh and he’s just started planning Season 8. Which means he knows everything about everything from the last episodes of Season 7 to this year’s Christmas Special. That’s a nice thought.

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