Gallery: The BAFTA Film Awards Red Carpet – Frocks And Fellas

Anne Hathaway (Photo by Jon Furniss/Invision/AP)

Two important things you need to bear in mind about this year’s BAFTA Film Awards before looking over this sample of celebrity arrivals: 1) it was HOWLING it down with rain in London tonight and 2) Simon Pegg looks like he could do with five more minutes, just to arrive properly.

(Photo by Jon Furniss/Invision/AP)

Helen Mirren has no such trouble. That’s the confidence matching your hair color and lipstick will get you.

(Photo by Jon Furniss/Invision/AP)

Yes, Amanda Abbingdon, you’re quite right, Martin Freeman should go home with the Best Male Trousers in a Media Awards trophy.

(Photo by Jon Furniss/Invision/AP)

And if they were handing out a thing for Dress That Looks Like The Skirt Is Actually A Sleeve, Marion Cotillard would walk it. She can walk OK in that, right?

(Photo by Jon Furniss/Invision/AP)

Henry Cavill may be a man of steel, but he’ll rust if he doesn’t get in out of that rain.

(Photo by Jon Furniss/Invision/AP)

Gemma Arterton looks like a liquorice whirl, she knows it, and she’s fine with it.

(Photo by Jon Furniss/Invision/AP)

Meanwhile, Billy Connolly is clearly looking forward to his dinner.

Billy Connolly (Photo by Jon Furniss/Invision/AP)

Thandie Newton has been at Helena Bonham Carter’s dress-up box…

(Photo by Jon Furniss/Invision/AP)

Juno Temple standing in front of a bunch of guys taking someone else’s picture. That is showbiz.

Juno Temple (Photo by Jon Furniss/Invision/AP)

Meanwhile, Sarah Jessica Parker’s legs are clearly attempting to take over her body. Right now, they go up as high as her ribs, and if left unchecked, could be at her shoulders by Christmas.

(Photo by Jon Furniss/Invision/AP)

Hey, Jennifer Garner, is that top on right? It looks lovely but also somehow… wrong?

(Photo by Jon Furniss/Invision/AP)

This is actually rather drab and workaday, for Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith (Photo by Jon Furniss/Invision/AP)

Clear a path, boys, Jennifer Lawrence is coming through. She’s FAMOUS you know…

Jennifer Lawrence (Photo by Jon Furniss/Invision/AP)

And the award for Best use of Gothic Medical Supplies in a Media Awards Ceremony goes to…

Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton (Photo by Jon Furniss/Invision/AP)

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