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The Rocknroll-ers: Kate Winslet and Ned Rocknroll in Hong Kong earlier this month. (Kin Cheung/AP Images)
Just a “normal” day on the red carpet wearing a “normal” head piece. (AP Images)

Kate Winslet, 37, is just a normal person like you and I … according to her.

She’s been on record for a number of years describing herself as a “normal” and “down to earth” gal; she likes her “normal” body; her children are “normal”; she advocates for “normal” everyday women; she even sued the Daily Mail in 2009 for disputing her “normal” work-out regimen of Pilates 20 minutes a day (and won).

That must prove she is normal, the court said so.

She’s newly married to Ned RocknRoll, 34, who is also normal. Like normal folks some semi-naked “innocent but embarrassing” photos of him were taken at a friend’s birthday party a few years back and The Sun would like to print them, reports the Belfast Telegraph.

Oh my. This does happen to normal people all the time.

Normal Kate and her hubby sued The Sun and stopped the newspaper from running the photos. A triumph for normal people everywhere!

The loved-up couple released a joint statement saying: “We refuse to accept that her career means our family can’t live a relatively normal life.”

If you don’t take their word for it then check out comedienne Katy Brand on Kate Winslet being normal.

It’s kind of like when someone runs around saying how “nice” they are for doing something ultimately fishing for a pat on the back. You don’t need to announce what you are — “normal” in this case — you just are.

Do you think Kate Winslet is normal? 

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By Brigid Brown