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Emma Watson giving her best over the shoulder look. (Premiere)
Behind-the-scene photos of Emma Watson in The Bling Ring. (Premiere)

We wrote about Emma Watson’s new film The Bling Ring in early December but at that time it was not clear if it would be released in the U.S.

We are happy to confirm that … it is! The crime caper, directed by Sofia Coppola, will appear in theaters this summer in June, reports the UK Metro.

Do you remember back when a handful of rich kids broke into celebrities’ houses and stole their stuff? $3 million dollars worth of stuff to be exact. And, then got caught? Well, The Bling Ring tells the story of what was going on in their heads and how the plan played out ultimately blowing up.

The story first came to light in this Vanity Fair article which calls the “audacious” gaggle of teenage robbers “a bunch of club-hopping Valley kids motivated by vanity and celebrity-worship.” Spot on VF!

Victims of the robberies included Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. The Bling Ring, as the group has been nick-named, was able to find the celebs’ personal information via the internet.

Coppola’s knack for storytelling brought us Lost In Translation which she the best original screenplay Oscar. She wants this film to have an “authentic, docudrama sensibility.”

What are your expectations for this film? 

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By Brigid Brown