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‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Who’s Back For Easter

There is only one major news story that concerns fans of Doctor Who this week, and that is the premiere date for Phantom of the Hex, the first episode of the second half of Season 7. So, in case you missed it, it’s Saturday, March …

The ‘Doctor Who’ Knitting Circle: Part 2

Oh America you dark horse you! Fancy keeping something this delightful hidden for so long!

Welcome, to anyone unfamiliar with her work, to the astonishingly nimble fingers of Austin, Texas’s crochet marvel, Allison Hoffman, who trades under the name Crafty Is Cool. Now Allison is not the first person to crochet or …

Dawn French Is James Corden’s Mum…

…in a new BBC comedy written by James and his Gavin & Stacey co-star Mathew Baynton (he played the magically stupid Deano, as seen in this clip here).

WATCH: ‘Downton Abbey’ Super Nintendo Game Parody

Combining two dissimilar things often yields a brilliant result.

Check out this fake Downton Abbey video game created by YouTuber Bill Kiley. I haven’t played a video game since junior high, but I’d fork out the big bucks for this.

‘Sherlock’ star Andrew Scott wins BBC Audio Drama Award

Andrew Scott has been putting in overtime at the BBC portraying Moriarty in Sherlock, making an appearance in The Hour and also as Jerry in Harold Pinter’s Betrayal on Radio 4.

WATCH: ‘Downton Abbey’ Cast Reacts to Surprise SAG Awards Win

The cast of Downton Abbey were clearly gobsmacked when they won the Screen Actors Guild award for Best Ensemble in a Drama Series last night (January 27). (The favorites to win were Boardwalk Empire, which had won that particular gong …

Toby Whithouse Teases Season Five Of ‘Being Human’

Good news, supernaturalists! The original UK version of Being Human is on the way back, hitting British TV screens this weekend for the start of season five.

‘Downton Abbey’ Recap: Season Three, Episode Four

Get out your hanky. Death showed up at Downton Abbey – I mean metaphorically.

WATCH: Carey Mulligan in Trailer for New Coen Brothers Movie

London-born Carey Mulligan has a busy 2013 ahead of her. The actress will be out beating the publicity drums for two films in which she stars: the Coen brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis and Baz Luhrmann’s spanking new version of The …

‘Merlin’ Recap: ‘Another’s Sorrow’

Morgana and Odin have invaded the kingdom of Nemeth, friendly to Camelot and home to King Rodor and Princess Mithian. They’ve sacked the castle and taken it over, taking the royal family prisoners.