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‘Merlin’ Star Katie McGrath Re-Enters Supernatural Realm with ‘Dracula’

Katie McGrath, who has wrapped up her devious turn as Morgana on Merlin, already has her next role lined up, and it will bring her back to the world of supernatural drama. According to Deadline, McGrath has been cast in the NBC/Sky …

Mark Gatiss: Sherlock to ‘Hide in Plain Sight’ in Season 3 Return

Questions loom for Sherlock fans who saw the detective make his harrowing faceplant on the pavement in the Season 2 finale, only to look on furtively from the shadows at his own “burial.” Well, co-creator Mark Gatiss tells …

WATCH: James McAvoy in Danny Boyle’s ‘Trance’

British director Danny Boyle’s latest film, Trance, will open in the U.S. on April 5, a release date that has just been set. (The movie has its U.K. debut on March 27.)

The London Tube Map Gets A Makeover

Here’s a delightful thing.

Max Roberts is a bit of an expert on the London Underground, and he’s concerned that the current map, which looks like this…

Sir Elton John’s Magic Piano Changes Live Music Forever

Good morning, and welcome to the future.

You’re possibly unaware that a musical paradigm shift has taken place, that nothing will ever be the same as it was only the other day, and if that is the case, can I just take a moment to apologize for shaking your understanding …

BBC AMERICA to Premiere ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ for ‘Doctor Who’ 50th

BBC AMERICA is set to premiere An Adventure in Space and Time, a film drama about the creation of Doctor Who, as part of the channel’s celebration of the long-running sci-fi series’ 50th anniversary. Frequent Who …

Miranda Hart to Hit the Road

Miranda Hart, star of BBC sitcom Miranda, is prepping for an arena tour that kicks off in 2014 with tickets going on sale February 1 (2013), reports

Funny British Road Signs

Driving in a foreign country is difficult enough — these road signs really don’t make it any easier.

BBC AMERICA’s ‘Ripper Street’ Renewed for Second Season

BBC AMERICA has just announced that its co-production Ripper Street, the crime drama set in 1889 London, has been picked up for a second, eight-episode season, which will air in 2014. The series stars Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn and …

The Brit List: Five Ways Americans Ruined the English Language

There’s a phrase used in robotics, “the uncanny valley,” that describes the problem of building a robot and making it look human. Broadly speaking, the closer to reality you get, the ickier your robot becomes.