‘Merlin’ Star Katie McGrath Re-Enters Supernatural Realm with ‘Dracula’

Katie McGrath (AP Photo/Joel Ryan)

Katie McGrath, who has wrapped up her devious turn as Morgana on Merlin, already has her next role lined up, and it will bring her back to the world of supernatural drama. According to Deadline, McGrath has been cast in the NBC/Sky Living HD co-pro Dracula, which stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the title role. In this rendition of the tale, Meyers will play Dracula incognito as an American businessman in Victorian London who falls in love with Mina Murray (Jessica De Gouw), whom he thinks is the reincarnation of his long dead-wife. McGrath will play Mina’s best friend Lucy, who is described as a “social butterfly” with a taste for the glamorous life.

McGrath has a solid fanbase from her Merlin days: she was named Anglophenia’s Anglo Fan Favorites women’s winner for 2012, defeating Helena Bonham Carter. Will this role be as meaty as Morgana, which has provided McGrath with an actor’s buffet of villainy? We shall see.

Meanwhile, Merlin‘s final season continues its run on Syfy. Read our weekly recaps of the new episodes.

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