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Where did we get to? Oh yes…

So, Mordred is back. Scary times are on the way. Roll the credits and let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Morgana’s having a vision: she’s in a well, chained up with Aithusa the dragon. When she wakes up, Aithusa comes in, looking timid, and Morgana promises to sort Arthur out once and fo all.

Meanwhile, Arthur and Merlin are being drag-walked to Ismere behind the gang of cut-throats that have captured them, and back in Camelot, Sefa (the servant girl) is looking down the barrel of a noose, if that’s a thing you can actually do. Gaius offers a potion to make the death less painful, and Sefa begs for an audience with Queen Gwen.

The ghostly thing that was healing Gwaine, the one that looks like a conehead Gollum, is hiding in the mine while Gwaine sleeps. Mordred offers a starving Merlin and Arthur some bread, and the two magical men have a brief chat about being magical and keeping secrets and finding the key to all knowledge, while Arthur sleeps.

Morgana is stressing over where Arthur is, and where this blessed Euchdag might be, but Ruadan reveals that Sefa, his daughter, has been sentenced to death. Morgana’s response is less than reassuring, talking about sacrifices and honour, and Ruadan looks concerned.

Sefa apologises to Queen Gwen for being a snitch, explaining that she was begged to spy by her father. Gwen refuses to overthrow the sentence, but she’s not happy about it. EXCEPT it’s all a cunning ruse! She wants to lure Ruadan to Camelot to try and save his daughter.

Back on the trail, Arthur has managed to pinch a little knife, by pretending to be poorly, and has used it to start a fight. Fighting is what Arthur is very good at, and he quickly manages to lead Merlin to an escape, jumping over a ravine – a RAVINE though! – to get away, and then shooting them with a crossbow. Mordred looks a little fed up by this.

Gwaine finally wakes up, and meets the conehead Gollum. She’s the last of a proud and magical race, once revered, and now shunned. But she hasn’t said who she is or what she wants, yet…

Ruadan has gone to Camelot! Gwen was right all along! He finds his way to Sefa by beating up all the guards, and magically opening the door to her cell. They try to run, but are cornered by knights. Ruadan is wounded, but uses magical fire to escape, running off into the night with Sefa by his side. He collapses in the woods, writes a note for Morgana and Sefa attaches it to a crow. Then he dies, and she runs off alone.

Meanwhile, Arthur and Merlin mount an assault on Ismere, by crawling up through the sewers. Once inside, they enter the mine (remember the mine?) They meet up with Percival, give him a sword and tell him to get the survivors of their original band to start a bit of a rebellion. Then they set off to find Gwaine.

Morgana spots Mordred among the band of scoundrels that captured Arthur and they have a little reunion over dinner. She takes the news of Arthur’s escape quite badly, all things considered, but Mordred never reveals that Merlin’s magic is what helped them.

Gwaine meets Arthur, and the conehead Gollum person runs away when faced with Merlin. The uprising from Arthur’s men, none of whom are properly dressed for battle, appears to be going very well, until they realise there’s a FLIPPING DRAGON DOWN THERE! RUN!

Merlin attempts to distract the dragon, so the others can escape, but he really just wants a little chat, because it’s Aithusa, who can no longer speak to him. Suddenly Morgana arrives, bragging, sneering and generally talking trash to Arthur. She hits him with a magical dagger and is ready to administer  the final blow when Merlin interrupts. Except that fails, so, knocking him out, she has another go. This time it’s Mordred that intervenes, stabbing Morgana in the back, and therefore repaying his debt to Arthur and receiving a knighthood into the bargain. But can he be trusted? Merlin is not sure.

Conehead Gollum turns up, and it turns out SHE was the Euchdag, the key to all knowledge all along. She offers Merlin a question about his future, and after first refusing, he asks who Arthur’s Bane is.

Turns out it’s Arthur himself. Which is nicely psychogical. Aren’t we all our own banes?

Yes, yes we are.

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By Fraser McAlpine