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Jim Carter as Mr. Carter on 'Downton Abbey' (Photo: PBS)
Jim Carter as Mr. Carter on ‘Downton Abbey’ (Photo: PBS)

Thought the fussy Mr. Carson on Downton Abbey was a relic of a stuffier, more class-conscious era?

Guess again: CBS This Morning has done a piece on the high demand right now for manservants who speak the Queen’s English, partly due to the glamorization of the “buttling” profession wrought by PBS’ popular 1920s-set soap.

It was said that there were 30,000 butlers in Britain during the 1930s, a number that plummeted to 100 back in 1980s. However, the tally has rebounded significantly over the past 30 years to around 10,000, with many British butlers seeking highly-paid work abroad.

Watch the video, which features an interview with a former royal butler:

Would you ever hire your own personal butler?

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.