WATCH: Your Chance To Slap Jamie Oliver In The Face

Jamie Oliver (Rex Features via AP Images)

Jamie Oliver has given the world many things in his time. An overabundance of blokey charm, the idea that an entire nation’s eating habits can definitely be turned around after watching one or two episodes of a television show, the word “pukka,” but his latest creation is perhaps the one thing we can truly be thankful for.

Jamie has created this promotional video emerged for his new YouTube channel, in which he’ll be showing off about cooking again, because that is what he likes to do. Now, he, or someone in his team, has realised two very important things in the making of this clip: 1) that YouTube has these annotation widgets that allow viewers to access extra content by clicking on certain portions of the screen, and 2) that TV chefs are quite annoying, especially the crusading ones.

So, sit back, enjoy the blurb at the beginning, marvel at the way Jamie attempts to drive the point of his knife into the worktop while chatting, and then smack him in the chops.

Of course, there’s a downside for anyone that truly wishes to plant one in Jamie’s mush, clearly he is in on the joke and it’s not even as if he’s a good enough actor to make us believe he’s truly in a lot of pain. Plus let’s face it, it’s Gordon Ramsey we want to hit, but let’s not smack a gift horse in the mouth.

Sorry, LOOK, I meant look…

PS: If anyone is reading this and thinking “yes but isn’t this just playing into his promotional hands? Aren’t you, by publicising this video, furthering Mr Oliver’s ambitions,” you have a point. But this article in the Guardian may restore balance.

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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