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Top Gear Stunt School Revolution
Top Gear Stunt School Revolution

The new Top Gear Stunt School Revolution 2.0 is “apptastic,” announced Top Gear UK. It’s got 50 percent more content and action than the previous iteration, and, through Facebook Connect, you can race your friends. And the new version is available now for Android as well as Apple.

The new version is free, although there is a Pro version that costs $.99. Get it at the Google Play, Apple iTunes, and Amazon stores.

• Jeremy Clarkson has been sighted around London driving a very small futuristic-looking vehicle. Everyone’s saying that it’s for the next season of Top Gear, a hypothesis that makes a lot of sense.

After seeing photos that had appeared online, Jalopnik opined that  “the next series of Top Gear will be as wonderfully nuts as ever.”

The website wrote: “We aren’t totally sure if this is a Doctor Who-related challenge or if Clarkson is trying to create an all-weather mobility scooter, but it looks hilarious.”

The Daily Mail said that Clarkson looked like Buzz Lightyear.

• As we mentioned last week, Jeremy Clarkson and James May were guests on last week’s Graham Norton Show. Here’s a clip:

• Jeremy and James pointed out on their Graham Norton appearance that Top Gear has been around for ten years. But recently, Jeremy joked that Top Gear was in peril – and he blamed the British automotive company Range Rover.

The show uses Range Rovers to carry camera crews as they are shooting. The camera operators sit in the back of the cars. Jeremy tweeted a picture of the Range Rover the production team used.

Then he tweeted that camera people couldn’t fit in the back of the newer model.

Shortly thereafter, he clarified his position:

• This month’s Top Gear magazine, the end of the year issue, is the annual awards issue. Jeremy’s Car of the Year choice was the relatively inexpensive Toyota GT86.

“I like the GT86 because it’s come barreling into the bottom end of the marketplace with a big dirty smile on its face and a suggestion in the way it stands that it wants to have fun with your middle parts,” said  Clarkson. “It’s a car designed for one thing only: fun.”

James May’s choice was on the other end of the spectrum pricewise. It’s a McLaren 12C Spider.

“Perhaps the most benign supercar I’ve ever tried,” May said. “This is a good-time car and I want a good time. I get it.”

• And if one is handing out awards for the best cars, what about the worst cars? Top Gear recently released a trailer for a new DVD, in which the mission was to find the Worst Car in the History of the World. Talk about “teaser trailers.”

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