Gallery: British Royal Babies of the Past Century

The announcement of a royal baby is always a momentous occasion, and today’s news (December 3) that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first child is no exception, with the web atwitter at the prospect of a new heir to the British throne.

Well, we’ve been inspired to create our own album of royal sprogs throughout the past hundred years (including two adorable photos of current father-to-be Prince William). Take a look.

1927: Princess Elizabeth as a baby. (AP Photo)

1949: Prince Charles, son of then-Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh, at 19 weeks old. (AP Photo)

1950: Princess Anne at two months old, with great-grandmother Queen Mary on the left and mother Princess Elizabeth on the right. (AP Photo)

1960: Prince Andrew at 6 months old at Balmoral, held by mother Queen Elizabeth II while a young Princess Anne looks on. (AP Photo)

1965: a cherubic Prince Edward posing for a photo. (AP Photo/Lisa Sheridan)

1982: Prince William held by his proud mother, Princess Diana, during a photo call at Kensington Palace. (AP Photo/David Caulkin)

1984: the newborn Prince Harry cradled by his mother, Princess Diana, with a two-year-old Prince William in the foreground. (AP Photo)