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The Idiot's Guide to Doctor Who
The Idiot’s Guide to Doctor Who

Let’s start at the beginning, with an essential guide to how to transform your non-Whovian friends into TARDIS-obsessives, just like you:

How To Obsess: Doctor Who, by CassJayTuck

It is worth it for the version of “Rudolf The Red-Nosed Raindeer” in the flower shop alone.

And on a similar note:

Doctor Who For Dummies, by kristencakess

You won’t need to watch this, of course.

“I. AM. TALKING!” by divacarina

This little fella learned the speech from The Pandorica Opens for his Kindergarten talent show. Isn’t he great?

Upgrade Your Sonic Screwdriver, by votesaxon07

Cosplaymatrons, would you like to pimp your sonic so that it does the stuff that the actual prop in the show does, just like it does? Well here’s how, in remarkable detail.

Dalek Nails, by professionalDQ


Fish Custard Commercial, by 

Because we all need something for those “post-regenerative cravings,” right?

Doctor Whooves, by ocarinaplaya

One of those brand-crossover gift ideas that kept on giving.

The “Call Me Maybe” Parody, by Yukeh

Something of a Ten fan, are we Yukes? Oh, and while we’re cross-fertilising internet memes and whatnot:

Doctor Who – Gangnam Style, by rootinza11

Not the first Gangnam parody to involve the Doctor, and probably not the last, but definitely one of the better ones.

BBC America Advert, by 

Because it’s a daft joke told very well.

DOCTOR METAL, by 331Erock


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