‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: How the Cast is Spending Christmas

“Hey, that’s a lovely present. Have you kept the receipt?”

Well, first and foremost, Happy Christmas! Hopefully you’ll all be knee deep in Whovian stuff and wrapping paper right now, trying to work out how well a tweed jacket goes with an extra long scarf and a ruffled shirt, and generally waving a sonic over everything.

And we haven’t come empty handed either. Over the last few weeks we’ve been compiling a few special videos for your festive delight, to help pass the time between now and the unveiling of The Snowmen at 9/8c on BBC AMERICA.

Let’s begin with Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman answering this festive question:  How will you be spending Christmas?

• And what is this new look Doctor’s costume all about? Camouflage? Trying to blend in?

• You’ve seen the Sontaran Christmas carols video, right?

• We also spent a bit of time earlier in the week finding out what was on Matt Smith’s iPod in 2013, and making a nice video collection of his favorites.

• And had a bit of a think about what it is that makes the TARDIS quite so magical, especially given that it’s made out of science.

• A while back, we ran a feature about the most horrifying moments in Whovian history and, as you’d expect, it provoked a storng discussion in the comments section, so we thought “what the hell, let’s do another one, using the recommendations of our delightful (and may I say fragrant) readers. Here’s the result

• This is lovely, it’s Matt and Jenna-Louise Christmas shopping for each other in New York, at the behest of Vulture:

• And of course, you won’t forget to tune-in for The Snowmen (9/8c on BBC AMERICA), will you? Especially as THIS is about to happen?

Thought not.


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