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We were all kids once — even British stars! Let’s take a peek at some of our favorite British actors when they were kids. Some are more obvious; and some will definitely give you a giggle. Can you figure out who is who from their childhood snap? No cheating by scrolling down!

Hint: “But sirrrr, I have a face for television!” Recent BBCA commercial.

(Photo via Imgur)

Answer: Our very own Richard Hammond star of Top Gear and Crash Course.

(Photo via BBCA)

Hint: He peeved off a lot of people when hosting the Golden Globes in 2010.

(Photo via Tumblr)

Answer: But, comedian and actor Ricky Gervais was invited back!

(Photo via AP)

Hint: A member of Monty Python.

(Photo via FanPop)

Answer: John Cleese got his start as a script writer.

(Photo via AP)

Hint: “Elementary, my dear Watson.” 

(Photo via Tumblr)

Answer: Martin Freeman is set to star in The Hobbit.

(Photo via AP)

Hint: He’s affectionately compared to an Otter. He has the same smile now!

(Photo via Tumblr)

Answer: Benedict Cumberbatch stars in the hugely popular Sherlock.

(Photo via AP)

Hint: He’s an expert time traveler. WHO could it be?

(Photo via Tumblr)
Answer: Doctor Who himself! Matt Smith that is.
(Photo via BBCA)

Hint: She just published a book entitled, “Is It Just Me?” (Second from right.)

(Photo via WorldNews)

Answer: It’s not just you Miranda Hart! We all have those moments.

(Photo via BBC)

Hint: She’s a dame! And the head of MI6.

(Photo via DJD)

Answer: Dame Judy Dench grew up to be James Bond’s boss.

(Photo via AP)

Hint: He is one of Bridget Jones‘s suitors. (Right)

(Photo via CF247)

Answer: Nope, not Hugh Grant. It’s that tall drink of water Colin Firth.


(Photo via AP)

Hint: He’s grown “fangs” since this school boy photo. Why so grim?

(Photo via DazzledbyEdward)

Answer: It’s Robert Pattinson pre-heartthrob days.

(Photo via AP)

Happy Christmas a little early! Hope you enjoyed these as much as we did.

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