Well, It’s Good They Got THIS Out Of The Way Early…

A still from ‘The Snowmen’

Ladies and gentlemen, forgive the shonky quality of this image. It’s a still taken from a new trailer for the BBC’s UK Christmas programming, and as you can see, clearly depicts a tender moment between Matt Smith’s Doctor and Jenna-Louise Coleman as his new companion, taken from the Doctor Who Christmas special, The Snowmen.

This Doctor snog moment appears to be a rite of passage all companions have to go through at some point. Everyone from Rose to Rory has had a go, for various reasons and with various different results, and everyone appears to come away from the experience with a deeper appreciation of their relationship with their new Time Lord buddy. At least Jenna-Louise has got hers in early.

Here’s the trail in full. Keep your eyes peeled for futher Whovian clues, such as a big three-fingered glove, interspersed with bits of other BBC shows such as The Royle FamilyCall The Midwife, Mr Stink, EastEnders, The Graham Norton Show, Strictly Come Dancing, Room on the Broom, Snow Babies, Loving Miss Hatto, Miranda, Mrs Brown’s Boys and Restless:

No, I didn’t spot all of them either. It was on a list.

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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