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Martin Freeman in The Hobbit
Martin Freeman in The Hobbit

It’s interesting how much the marketing for the new Hobbit films is using Martin Freeman’s comedic talent as a way of building up interest, isn’t it? Whereas Lord of the Rings was about doom and spectacle (and funny hobbits), the gag we’re all in on is that Martin’s character Bilbo Baggins is something of a fusspot, and that Gandalf  has a soft spot for hobbits.

So, in this latest TV spot for the movie, we see how their relationship develops, with Gandalf taking out a wager on whether Bilbo is truly up for the challenge.

What’s the next one gonna be, two orcs say something outrageous on camera and Bilbo looks about him in disbelief, Office style? An angry Sherlockish bickerfest with an elf?

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By Fraser McAlpine