WATCH: ‘Comes a Bright Day’ Trailer

Sam Smith is having a bad day but has a pretty bird by his side. (

One of London’s most exclusive jewelry stores is the target of a bank heist in debut director/writer Simon Aboud’s Comes a Bright Day out on DVD, Tuesday, November 13.

Craig Roberts (Submarine) plays the awkwardly charming Sam Smith. Roberts has an unassuming way about him that reminds us of Edward Norton in Fight Club — but younger and British. His character seems more keen on getting a chance to spend time with the stunning Mary (Imogen Poots), who works in the shop, then getting out alive.

Timothy Spall (Harry Potter) greets us as the cantankerous shop owner who isn’t shy to speak his mind when being held captive as the robbery goes awry. Kevin McKidd (Grey’s Anatomy/Rome) rounds out the group, taking a turn as the psychotic armed robber.

Comes a Bright Day Trailer

This is an all out Brit flick, what did you think of the trailer?