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Dan (middle) with twins Jack (left) and Finn. (Photo via Socialite Life)

We’ve seen videos on How to Speak Like a Brit and How to Speak Like an American. Our friends over at Socialite Life have posted a video of three British lads talking us through How to Speak Internet.

Dan, host of the YouTube page danisnotonfire, and his two mates Jack and Finn, start with a commonly used acronym, “LOL”. Easy, right? It means, “Laugh out loud.” Nope. Well, at least not to these three. The boys describe it as “Lots of love.” You’d think that’d be a universal one but guess not? That could definitely be confusing depending on the news being sent through the interweb.

The video gave us a giggle with some of the harder ones like, “OTP”, and their guesses, which were wrong, and even better, their reactions. Check it out!

Do you speak internet?

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By Brigid Brown