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Stephen Merchant, Rafe Spall and the top of Rose Byrne's head.
Stephen Merchant, Rafe Spall and the top of Rose Byrne’s head.

Oh lord, there’s a sight guaranteed to create fear in the minds of any young couple of their wedding day, Stephen Merchant standing up to give a speech. And when you see the speech he does give, you’ll realise all fears are perfectly valid.

I Give It A Year is a new British comedy. It’s been written and directed by Dan Mazer, the man behind both Bruno and Borat, and helped by the producers of Bridget Jones’s Diary and Love, Actually, and therefore comes from a pedigree union of both rom and com.

Fresh from her world-shaking appearance as the nasty one in Bridesmaids, Rose Byrne plays Nat, a successful businesswoman. She’s getting married to Josh (played by Rafe Spall), a would-be novelist who has yet to realise his full potential to quite the degree Nat has. Josh’s best friend is Stephen Merchant and that is why he is delivering the best man’s speech at their wedding.

You’d think that speech alone would be enough to put anyone off, but no, they remain blissfully entwined… for a while. As the couple approach their first anniversary, with the shine well and truly off the relationship, Josh’s ex (Anna Faris) back in his life, and a hot new American client for Nat, they decide to seek help from a counsellor (yep, that’s Olivia Colman). This is less than 100% successful, otherwise it would be a very boring film.

I Give It A Year is released early February 2013.


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By Fraser McAlpine