Royal Roundup: The Case of the Anglesey Gunshot

William and Kate at Trearddur Bay Lifeboat Station on the island of Anglesey in North Wales in February 2011. (Peter Byrne, PA Wire/AP Images)

Attention, all you aspiring Sherlock Holmes types out there. We’ve got a case for you.

Last week, a special operations police officer fired his gun outside the Duke and Duchess of Cambridges’s Anglesey home. The officer was sitting with a colleague in an unmarked car and the gun reportedly went off accidentally.

The officer, whose name has not been released, has been suspended from duty involving firearms, and the Scotland Yard is investigating the incident.

“The force was keen to stress that the officers were some distance away from the property at the time, and that no one else was at risk,” wrote BBC News.

Police said that the Duke was on search and rescue duty and wasn’t at the house, but they wouldn’t say whether the Duchess was at home.

For the armchair detectives amongst you, here’s what a police spokesperson told the media: “Shortly before 1pm on Wednesday October 24 an on-duty MPS police officer unintentionally discharged a firearm while in an unmarked police vehicle,” the Met spokesperson said. “The round damaged the floor of the vehicle. Another on-duty officer was in the vehicle at the time of the incident. Neither officer was injured.”

One additional piece of information: “The officers were on duty in north Wales at the time,” the spokesman said.

An open and shut case of a gun going off accidentally? It would appear that way.

Even though the former head of royal protection, Dai Davies, told BBC Wales that it’s “extremely difficult” for a gun to be fired accidentally, he said, “Over the years, once or twice, accidents do happen.”

Davies offered some theories.

“Either the safety catch wasn’t on or, for some reason, the officer put his finger on the trigger and pulled it because, frankly, that’s the only way I know a bullet can be discharged,” he said.


All right, amateur sleuths, now it’s your turn. Scotland Yard may be looking into the incident, but what’s your solution to the mystery?