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UK Prime Minister David Cameron, 2010-Present, with wife Samantha. (Photo via AP)
UK Prime Minister David Cameron, 2010-Present, with wife Samantha. (AP)

The Spouse of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is the official title of the wife or husband of the PM of the UK. It’s similar to the “First Lady” here in the U.S. With President Barack Obama being re-elected for a second term just last week  — and his embrace with wife Michele being the most tweeted post in the history of Twitter — we’re going to take a look at the UK’s current and former PMs and their other halves.

President Barack Obama and wife Michele. “Four more years.” (

With this embrace in mind, let’s take a look at former British Prime Ministers and their spouse. Take a peek!

Gordon Brown, PM Labour Party, 2007-2009

Sarah Brown, random guard (center) and Gordon Brown. (AP)

Tony Blair, PM Labour Party, 1997-2006

Tony Blair and wife Cherie. (AP)

John Major, PM Conservative, 1990-1996

John Major and Norma. (AP)

 Margaret Thatcher, PM Conservative, 1979-1989

Margaret Thatcher and husband Denis. (AP)

James Callaghan, PM Labour, 1976-1978

James Callaghan and wife Audrey. (AP)

Harold Wilson, PM Labour, 1974-1975 & 1964-1969

Winston Churchill, PM Conservative, 1951-1954 & 1940-44

Winston Churchill and wife Clementine. (Wikipedia)

Does this make you want to run out and marry a politician?

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By Brigid Brown