(New) Personality Quiz: Are You Arthur, Merlin or Morgana?

Arthur, Merlin and Morgana

We’ve all done it, watched a TV show, watched all the characters go about their business in their idiosyncratic way and wondered “who am I most like?” Am I a Carrie? A Ross? A Shrek?

Well, for Merlin fans, Anglophenia has developed this quiz doohickey that will provide scientifically verifiable* results, telling you exactly which of the main three characters in your favorite TV show is closest to your personality.

Are you, for example, an Arthur, destined for greatness, but also a bit of a posho? Or a Merlin, trainee wizard with sticky-out ears? Perhaps you’re a vengeful Morgana, who’d steal candy from a baby, wipe it on a dog’s leg and then hand it back. And if so, maybe you should ease back on the evil deeds, yeah?

* Note: Not scientifically verifiable.

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser is a British writer, broadcaster and the the author of the book Stuff Brits Like. He is Anglophenia's resident Brit blogger, having written BBC Radio 1's Chart Blog, the Top of the Pops website, and for NME, the Guardian and elsewhere. Favorite topics include slang, Doctor Who and cramming as much music into Anglophenia as he can manage. He invites you to join him on Twitter: @csi_popmusic
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