More Busy Benedict News: He’s In The New Monty Python Film

Benedict Cumberbatch in ‘Sherlock’

OK, so there isn’t really a new Monty Python film per se, but it’s pretty close to being one, and it looks like the purpetually busy Benedict will be its star.

The film is called Absolutely Anything, and it was co-written and directed by Terry Jones, with the help of Gavin Scott (who wrote, among other things, Small Soldiers). It’s the story of a school teacher whose life is turned upside-left by the arrival of a gang of aliens who have the capability to give him magical powers.

This is where the Python thing comes in. These aliens will be voiced by Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin and John Cleese: four sixths (which is technically two thirds) of the original Monty Python team. The other two being the apparently exiled Eric Idle, and Graham Chapman, who is dead.

Benedict will play the teacher, whose new powers bring chaos in their wake, especially after he starts wiping out naughty pupils and bringing people back from the grave. And he’ll be joined onscreen by Gemma Arterton, according to reports in The Wrap.

Filming is set to begin in the new year, assuming Benedict can find time, what with all of his other projects

Fraser McAlpine

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