Cadbury Invents Unmeltable Chocolate

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk (unmelted)

Well now, here’s a thing I bet no one ever thought they needed. A bar of chocolate that, no matter how hot they may be, will not melt in your hands.

Cadbury, the confectionary giant behind such delights as the Whole Nut bar, the Fruit and Nut, and the Dairy Milk, have announced a new variation on their range, especially for tropical countries, particularly India, where their product sells well, but is prone to dissolving into goo before it can get into the mouths of their customers.

So they’ve managed to create a Dairy Milk bar that can happily sit in rooms as hot as 104 degrees Fahrenheit for three hours without ever getting all chocolate-pudding-in-a-sock about it. Their choco-boffins have broken the sugar particles in the chocolate down into smaller particles, which means the fat covering each one is less, and therefore less easy to liquify with heat.

In a press release for the launch of their new superbar, Cadbury said: “Production of temperature-tolerant chocolate would allow production of chocolate-containing product more suitable for hot climates, particularly in less economically developed countries where the supply chain is ill-equipped to handle temperature fluctuations.”

I know, I’d have thought that would’ve been a more fun quote too.

But this does raise one important question. What is the point of chocolate that doesn’t melt in your mouth? Even someone with a high fever would struggle to maintain a 104F temperature for over three hours without risking their health, and if they are unlucky enough to be that hot for that long, chocolate is probably not going to be the first thing on their minds.


Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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