Anglophenia Reader Gauthic Says: Bring Back The Master!

The most recent incarnation of The Master, as played by John Simm (BBC)

In our post, “Revealed: Neil Gaiman’s New ‘Doctor Who’ Story Features The Cybermen,” we asked readers what Doctor Who villain Gaiman should tackle next. Gauthic suggests The Master—with specific provisions:

And not the unhinged/unstable Master from the 21st century. Give us the insidious maliciousness of the Master from the 80’s! The man who would take the life and body of the Keeper of Traken to woo his daughter (Nyssa, who became a companion of the Doctor) into betraying the Doctor. Don’t get me wrong I liked him, but he seemed far too immature and unwise to be the ancient arch-enemy of the Doctor.

Anthony Ainley as The Master

John Simm as The Master

Agree/Disagree? Who would you like to see playing The Master? Let us know!