Monthly Archives: November 2012

Kate Middleton Reveals Childhood Nickname

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, made a visit to her former prep school St. Andrews to open a new Astroturf hockey field for the pupils, reports EntertainmentWise.

Rejected Fan Bond Titles Go Viral

Fans can’t get enough of James Bond and are coming up with their own titles for future installments. Who can blame them for wanting to get involved.

‘Doctor Who’ Website Launches Their Christmas ‘Adventure Calendar’

The beautiful thing about the Doctor Who Christmas special – The Snowmen (see above) being on Christmas Day itself, is that even the most atheist, most humbuggy old Scrooge can count down the days between then and now using an advent …

WATCH: Dame Helen ‘Would Have Loved to Work With Hitchcock’

Dame Helen Mirren, who’s portraying filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock’s wife Alma in the new picture Hitchcock, says she would have loved to have worked with the Master of Suspense. But she adds, “not when I was young, but now …

Jude Law: “I’m Not That Young Pretty Thing Anymore”

See this hideous visage? This freakishly lumpen fizzog, swollen and diseased with the pustulation of foul aging, a misshapen and pock-marked hag’s satchel of a mug?

Busy Benedict Part 6: Now He’s Judging An Award!

What’s that expression about hay and sunshine? Someone needs to take Benedict Cumberbatch aside and point to the overstuffed barn behind him, and maybe explain that he’s definitely all set for winter now.

‘Game of Thrones’ Star Tara Fitzgerald Dons Shakespearean Crown

Game of Thrones star Tara Fitzgerald will play Hermione in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre’s production of The Winter’s Tale, reports Broadway.

Christopher Eccleston Offers His Thoughts On Matt Smith

Here’s a nice interview Christopher Eccleston gave this week to RedCarpetNewsTV, at the UK premiere for The Oranges, Hugh Laurie’s latest movie. He talks about his fondness for Hugh as an actor, politely offers his thoughts …

The Brit List: Top Five Oscar Wilde Epigrams

Here at Anglophenia, we’re just wild about Oscar Wilde, which is why we are solemnly noting tomorrow’s 112th anniversary of his death.

Guy Ritchie a Dad Again

British producer-director Guy Ritchie (Sherlock Holmes) – also known as Madonna’s ex – welcomed a baby girl with fiancée, Jacqui Ainsley, earlier this week in London, reports the UK’s Daily mail.