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Liam Neeson promoting Taken 2 (AP Photo/Lee Jin-man)
Liam Neeson promoting Taken 2 (AP Photo/Lee Jin-man)

Liam Neeson, who turned 60 this year, wants the Hollywood studios to produce more films for older people.

“We’re making movies for 15-year-olds up to 25-year-olds – people of my generation, we’re not traditionally served by Hollywood,” he says.

Neeson, who’s currently starring in the action film Taken 2 – out this weekend – cited the recent success of Hope Springs – a midlife romantic comedy with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones – as an example of the type of movie that appeals to older audiences. He says: “It’s a terrific film and it’s making money and people of that generation want to see these films.”

In recent months films with older characters have made an impact, proving to Hollywood that mature audiences want stories they can relate to.

Movieogoers also seem willing to accept older stars in roles which in the past might have gone to younger actors.

Despite his age, Liam Neeson found new life as an action star when the original Taken film came out in 2008.

He enjoys the challenge. “I keep in pretty good shape physically in life. It’s like being a kid in a big, big sandbox, big expensive sandbox.”

But Neeson doesn’t expect to endure in action roles forever – he jokes that when he’s in his 80’s and 90’s he’ll be “on the Zimmer frame maybe giving advice to the younger ones.”

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By Tom Brook