Monthly Archives: October 2012

WATCH: ‘Merlin’ Stars Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath on BBC Radio 1

BBC America stars Colin Morgan (Merlin) and Katie McGrath (Morgana) sat down with BBC Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw to discuss the premiere of Merlin season five. The fifth season is currently being aired in the  UK and will arrive in …

Alan Cumming to Host Britannia Awards; Harrison Ford, Spielberg Among Presenters

BAFTA Los Angeles announced today (October 25) that British Good Wife star Alan Cumming will once again host the Britannia Awards, which are set to air for the first time on BBC AMERICA, Sunday, November 11 at 8 pm ET. And a …

‘Cloud Atlas’ Author David Mitchell: If the Movie Were Structured Like the Book, ‘It Would Suck’

British author David Mitchell says he never imagined anyone would make a movie out of his novel Cloud Atlas.

The Brit List: 10 British Words That Don’t Have a U.S. Equivalent

Blag A little item of criminal slang that has found its way into common use. To blag something is to get it for free, possibly without deserving to.

Top Gear Thursday: Richard Hammond ‘Would Be a Great Stuntman,’ Says Mentor

This week, Richard Hammond survived being thrown off a bridge and being set on fire as a Hollywood stunt man. The challenges he faced all presented threats to life and limb.

So THIS Is What Fry and Laurie Have Been Working On…

Back in May, we ran a story about Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie working on a new collaborative project for the first time in 13 years. It was, as is appropriate for nowadays, sparked off by a tweet from Stephen, in which he teasingly …

Daniel Craig: ‘We Plan Out The Shirtless Scenes Quite Carefully’

Let’s face it, any quote from Daniel Craig taken from The Graham Norton Show is likely to be a) highly charged and b) memorable, although that one does play to a certain demographic of Bond fans.

Miranda Hart on the Big Screen?

It seems like BAFTA-nominated comedienne Miranda Hart is everywhere these days. This past Friday BBC America talked about her newly released self-help autobiography Is It Just Me?

Martin Freeman Humbled by ‘The Hobbit’

We can’t blame Martin Freeman (Sherlock) for still being in a little bit of awe finding himself as the lead character, Hobbit Bilbo Baggins, in director Sir Peter Jackson’s forthcoming trilogy The Hobbit.

The Brit List: 10 Weird Ways To Break Your Phone In Britain

Hey, everyone has a clumsy moment from time to time. And sometimes the only way to put that moment right is to call your insurers.