Happy Birthday, Matt Smith! Here Are 30 Great Matt Moments

Matt Smith as the Doctor, in a cake

It’s Matt Smith’s 30th birthday today, and to celebrate every single one of those years, we’ve come up with a list of 30 things that are brilliant from his time as the Eleventh Doctor. Things he’s done, things he’s worn, things he’s said, things he’s blown up.

Consider this list to be a virtual version of the rings in a tree trunk, and let’s look forward to adding a few more as the years go by:

1: The Fez


2: The Bow tie

3: The Tweed Jacket

4: Angry Doctor

5: The Doctor and River:

6: The Chin

7: The Old Man In A Young Man’s Body

8: The Sad Brow: “Thank you”

9: The Floppy Hair

10: Geronimo!

11: Innocence #1: “That’s All Humany Private Stuff”

12: The Joydancing

13: This Face

14: “I’m Very Clumsy, In Case You Hadn’t Noticed”

15: The Guilt And The Fury

16: Putting On My Top Hat…

17: The Teenage Boy In A Grown-Up’s Body: “Only When We’re Alone…”

18: “Basically… Run”

19: “There’s One Thing You Never Put In A Trap….”

20: This…

21: Being friendly as a threat


22: The Doctor and Amy

23: Sadface Specs

24: Football

25: Innocence #2: “So What Did You Call Him? Will I Blush?”

26: The Cowboy Hat

27: Being Really Good With Kids

28: Keeping His Cool In A Tight Spot

29: Vulnerability

30: (Of Course!) Fish Custard

Oh and here’s how the Doctor Who production team celebrated:

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