Great Scott! It’s A TARDIS! (Part 3)

DaveNinja’s TARDIS chicken coop

Welcome back to Anglophenia’s occasional series about TARDISes appearing in everyday life, just doing their TARDISy thing, in a TARDISy kind of way, and generally keeping it as real as it’s possible to keep it if you’re a TARDIS.

Today, we take our hat off to a man called DaveNinja, who , in 2010 managed to turn the TARDIS in his back garden into a chicken coop. Look:

tardis chicken coop 4

Now this is a very sensible example of recycling, applicable for all retired Time Lords who have a hankering for fresh eggs. As you can see, Dave spent a lot of time and effort refurbishing his TARDIS, taking out the central console, disconnecting it from the Time Vortex, making it slightly smaller on the inside than on the outside, that kind of thing, so that his chickens would a) not feel disoriented and b) not accidentally go back or forwards in time, causing some kind of rift in the fabric of eggsistence (*cough*).

Anyway, he kept an online journal about the whole thing, from creation to breakfast, and that journal is here.

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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