‘Doctor Who': Top 5 WHOlloween Pumpkin-Carving Creations

Boy, did Whovians deliver on our WHOlloween pumpkin-carving challenge: many of you took to Tumblr and blew us out of our gourds with your spooky, Doctor Who-themed creations. We’ve culled through the submissions via the official Doctor Who Tumblr and selected our wibbly-wobbliest, timey-wimiest favorites. Starting with a bit of creepy simplicity:

5. ‘Crack in the Universe’ Pumpkin

Submitted by jemerson15

4. Dalek Pumpkin

Submitted by cakesnifferz

3. Eleventh Doctor Pumpkin

2. Weeping Angel Pumpkin

Submitted by /leslieanddobby

1. Tenth Doctor Pumpkin

Congrats to our top picks. See more Doctor Who pumpkin-carving fun over at the Doctor Who official Facebook page.

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