‘Doctor Who': The Fury Of A Time Lord

The angry Eleventh Doctor

There are two personality quirks that unite all eleven Doctors to date. One is that they all share a whimsical sense of humor (although some are less keen to display it than others), and the other is their respective tempers. Every Doctor loses his rag from time to time, as indeed you would if you’d been forced to bear witness to all the things he has.

But they all do it in different ways. So, as we have already celebrated the Doctor’s funny bone, here are 10 angry moments from 10 angry Doctors (in reverse order), to give his grump muscle a little workout:

Eleven discovers the Star Whales – The Beast Below 


He’s been angrier since, and more petulant, but this was the first time the friendly, indulgent, fishcustard-eating Eleventh Doctor had shown his dark side, and it was quite startling.

Ten confronts the Vashta Nerada – Forest of the Dead

Quite prone to a little outburst, especially when provoked, the Tenth Doctor shows how easily-opened his war wounds are, and how proud of his notoriety he is. Speaking of war wounds…

Nine loses his cool – Dalek


Seven upsets Ace (on purpose) – The Curse of Fenric


Rule Number One: The Doctor lies. Especially when it’s the only way to save the day. Mind you, this is nothing compared to…

Six tries to kill Peri – The Twin Dilemma


Not a happy regeneration moment for the Sixth Doctor, who was often prone to haughty behaviour anyway.

Five gets emotional with the Cybermen – Earthshock

What is it with Cybermen and bragging about their lack of emotions? Isn’t pride an emotion? Hardly practial, is it.

Four takes control – The Seeds of Doom 

You can’t argue with that.

Three makes a bad captive – Day of the Daleks

Is there any excuse for this kind of grumpy behaviour? I mean sure, you’re being tortured and held against your will, but c’mon Three, a smile costs nothing.

Two uses his “diplomatic skills” – The Two Doctors


That rising, panicky fury was a common noise from the throat of the Second Doctor. And you can still hear it coming out of the Eleventh from time to time. Remember “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” from The Angels Take Manhattan? Pure Two, that is.

One keeps Ian and Barbara at arm’s length – An Unearthly Child

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