The Brit List: The 10 Most British Towns in America

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore’s nighttime skyline. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

America’s defeat of Britain in the Battle of Baltimore virtually decided the War of 1812 and left British forces retreating in disarray. But ever since then there has been a strong Blighty presence in Maryland’s largest city, which is a commuter base for thousands of people working 30 minutes away by train in Washington.

Like all America’s older cities, Baltimore has a reassuringly old-world atmosphere from a Brit’s point of view, backed by a decent selection of pubs and restaurants. Brits infiltrate the city’s art galleries and comedy clubs, which are a world away from the poverty of east Baltimore depicted in the hit TV series The Wire. Definitely a place for the younger crowd. A group called Baltimore Brits claims to offer “the finest in British banter, beer and football discussions,” meeting every month for a few halves of lager shandy. Such innocence.

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William Kay

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