The Brit List: The 10 Most British Towns in America

Fanueil Hall is one of Boston’s many buildings done in a British style. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer, File)

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Speed has inspired us to take our own digital scenic tour through these purple mountain majesties and amber waves of grain with one goal in mind: uncovering Britishness! Mind the Gap columnist William Kay gives us snapshots of the most quintessentially British towns in America. Advertisement

We are witnessing a new British invasion. In a growing number of U.S. cities Brits are unpacking their soccer and cricket kit – and they are quickly followed by stores selling HP Sauce and Colman’s Mustard.

Here are ten of the U.S. cities that have most successfully succumbed to the Brit embrace.

FIRST: Rye, New York

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William Kay

William Kay

Bill Kay was a London business journalist until he emigrated to Pasadena, ten miles north of Los Angeles, from where he writes a financial advice column for the London Sunday Times. He was City Editor of The Times and the Mail on Sunday and has written a dozen books, including a Pasadena murder-mystery novel, as well as dipping into screenwriting and stand-up comedy. He attended Westminster City School and The Queen's College, Oxford, and still manages to follow Chelsea Football Club. He has two adult sons, Andrew and Ben - and two grandchildren, Jackson and Indiana - all in London.
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