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James Bond Roundup: Key to 007’s Success is ‘Britishness,’ Says Bond Girl Britt Ekland

At a London event marking the end of a seven-day James Bond relay across England, former Bond girl Britt Ekland said the key to the legendary secret agent’s longevity is his “Britishness.

Five Great Karen Gillan Performances On ‘Doctor Who’

The temptation, in this roundup of glorious moments from Karen Gillan’s stint as Amy Pond, is to just throw in the best one-liner moments, the bits where she gets to show off her petulant side or act up a bit, with a couple of the …

Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Hark, The Weeping Angels Sing

Well, there’s no doubt this is going to be a rough week for Whovians of all stripes. The grand Pond finale is upon us, this Saturday, and all anyone knows is that it is all going to happen in New York, there will be Weeping Angels …

Scotland Solves The Fuel Crisis With Whisky

Scotch whisky can do many things: it can make a man (or woman) foolhardy, it can make them brave, it can make them drunk and it can make them appear wise. But until now, it hadn’t been used as a source of fuel.

Five Great Arthur Darvill Performances on ‘Doctor Who’

Given the impressive range of abilities displayed by the male traveling companions of the Doctor, it’s startling to consider that Rory Pond (n Williams) had any ground left to break. But he did: first companion to die more than …

James Bond Roundup: Benedict Cumberbatch Rumored to be Villain in Bond 24

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sherlock may not have fared too well at last night’s Emmys, but there are rumors today of a consolation prize that might be even better: Cumberbatch, who is becoming ubiquitous on big and small screens alike, …

‘Doctor Who': Five Great Amy Pond Style Moments

All good things must come to an end and this Saturday we will bid farewell to Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill as Amy Pond and Rory Williams in their final Doctor Who episode, “The Angels Take Manhattan.” We here at Anglophenia would …

Watch: Nick Clegg, The British Politician Going For A Song

Other people’s politics are often hard to understand from a distance, especially when you’re dealing with ingrained attitudes towards political parties, their emblems and colors, and the people who lead them. So this tale …

‘Doctor Who’ Recap: ‘The Power of Three’

After all the excitement of mad old Daleks, cyborg gunslingers and prehistoric lizards (incidentally, where do you suppose the Doctor took those dinosaurs? Back to the cretaceous period?

Damian Lewis, Maggie Smith Score Biggest British Emmy Wins

The biggest British wins at last night’s Emmys were the acting awards given to Maggie Smith for Downton Abbey and to Damian Lewis for Homeland, but American series snatched other major awards away from strong British contenders.