James Bond and the Queen at Olympics Voted ‘Moment That Most Changed U.K. TV’

The Queen and James Bond at the Olympics: the moment that changed British TV forever? (BBC)

According to a poll of British TV viewers, the Queen’s London Games appearance alongside Daniel Craig‘s James Bond has been voted the “moment that most changed British TV,” the Hollywood Reporter reveals.

“Viewers gazed in wonder and puzzlement, pride and laughter: is this really the Queen?” says TV historian Jonathan Bignell. “The moment beautifully broke the boundaries between fact and fiction, and in doing so made its mark worldwide.” Re-live that moment here:


Here’s what made up the rest of the top 10:

2. The wrong chandelier, Only Fools and Horses, 1992

3. Basil Fawlty’s car thrashing tantrum, Fawlty Towers, 1975

4. London winning the Olympic bid, 2005

5. The Moon Landing, 1969

6. The first Big Brother, 2000

7. Live Aid and Bob Geldof’s leadership, 1985

8. Emu attacks Michael Parkinson, 1976


9. The dead parrot sketch, Monty Python, 1969

10. Den serving Angie with divorce papers at Christmas, EastEnders, 1986

Which of these moments do you remember? Would you have expected different choices? Princess Di’s death? Tell us below:

Kevin Wicks

Kevin Wicks

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