The Brit List: 5 British Accents That Can Baffle Americans

The Geordie dialect is sometimes confused with another language. (Beuk O’Ruth)

There are so many different accents floating around the U.K. It’s not too surprising with 300 languages being spoken in just London alone. Easily, someone from one town may not be able to understand another person from just an hour away. We’ve found a handful of film and TV clips that demonstrate British accents Americans might find indecipherable. Subtitles not included.

Geordie = Northeast England
I’m Alan Partridge

Edinburgh, Scotland

Cockney = East End of London
Attack the Block

Glaswegian = Glasgow, Scotland
Sweet Sixteen (NSFW)

Barry = Vale of Glamorgan, Wales
Gavin and Stacey

What accent do you have the hardest time “translating”?