Monthly Archives: September 2012

Happy 70th Birthday, Ian McShane!

Ian McShane celebrates his 70th birthday today. This feisty actor has mastered the art of playing the bad boy, making his mark in BBC’s Lovejoy (1986-1994) as the dastardly yet charming antiques dealer; then crossing the …

Royal Roundup: Palace Drops Complaint Over Prince Harry Photos

St. James’s Palace today said that it would not take any action with the Press Complaints Division, Britain’s official media watchdog group, against a British tabloid over its publication of the naked photos of Prince Harry in Las …

‘Doctor Who’ Rogues Gallery: The Time Lords

Of all the races to have paraded across our screens in Doctor Who, few are as often rhapsodised over as the Time Lords of Gallifrey (apart from the humans of Earth, of course, they get an amazingly good press), and few let down that …

Julian Fellowes Plans ‘Downton’ Prequel on How Robert and Cora Met

Once the hit series Downton Abbey comes to its inevitable end, there may be more story to be told about the period drama’s memorable characters. Writer/creator Julian Fellowes is planning a prequel to his hit series about the …

WATCH: ‘Doctor Who’ Star Karen Gillan on ‘Conan’

Karen Gillan dared to wear red last night (September 27) for her appearance on Conan O’Brien‘s TBS chat show. And we’re all the better for it: she looked stunning.

The Brit List: Five British Desserts With Disgusting Names

Let’s start with the classic, the one everyone knows:

1: Spotted Dick

Farewell Amy and Rory: An Appreciation

The glory of Doctor Who is that the entire cast can be taken away and replaced, and it won’t necessarily mean disaster, especially as the kind of experiences the show depicts – time travel, space travel, dealing with an …

10 Surprising British Words for Familiar Things

Surely any self-respecting Anglophile knows “flat” means “apartment,” a “lift” is an “elevator,” “trainers” are “sneakers,” and so on. It should come in your …

Top Gear Thursday: Richard Hammond’s Back in the Saddle

Perhaps Richard Hammond didn’t get the “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor” nursery ditty straight when he was a kid. Maybe his non-rhyming version went “cattle rancher, cab driver, stuntman, barber.

Watch: David Cameron, Jonny Lee Miller on ‘Letterman’

David Letterman reminded us last night that while J.K. Rowling may be Britain’s most high profile import to this country, she is by no means the only one.