Watch: School-Kids Act Out The History Of Factory Records With Animation

Morrissey the lollystick puppet

If you’ve seen the film 24 Hour Party People, or have more than a passing interest in the music of the British city of Manchester (that’s basically Joy Division, New Order, the Smiths, Happy Mondays, the Stone Roses and all that lot), under the expert (note: not expert) stewardship of Factory Records boss Tony Wilson, you should definitely check out this video.

It was made by Year 6 pupils (10/11 year olds) at Abbey Hey Primary School in Manchester, during the Spring of 2009, as an art project. As you can see, they’ve managed to capture the mannerisms of the key protaganists with unerring accuracy.

Cast (in order of appearance):

The Sex Pistols
Tony Wilson and Alan Erasmus: founders of Factory Records
Morrissey: singer (the Smiths)
Paul Morley: writer/critic, associate of Joy Division and founder of Zang Tumb Tuum records, home of Frankie Goes To Hollywood.
John the Postman: Postman, and singer of “Louie Louie” at Manchester punk gigs.
Peter Shelley and Howard Devoto: Buzzcocks (and Sex Pistols gig promoters)
Mick Hucknall: singer (Simply Red)
Peter Hook and Bernard Sumner: Joy Division founders
Rob Gretton: Joy Division’s manager and Factory DJ
Peter Saville: designer
Ian Curtis: singer (Joy Division)
Stephen Morris: drummer (Joy Division)
Gillian Gilbert: keyboards (New Order)
Bez and Shaun Ryder: Dancer and singer, respectively (Happy Mondays)
Steve Coogan: Tony Wilson (in 24 Hour Party People)
Clint Boon: keyboards (Inspiral Carpets)
Mike Pickering: Hacienda DJ and founder of M People

Hats off to art teacher Julie Walsh, who had the idea and made it happen. Now watch as all of these kids go on for form bands and become amazing.

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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