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Shirley MacLaine Dishes on ‘Downton Abbey,’ Disses Lindsay Lohan

Shirley MacLaine is at it again. The irrepressible veteran star, who arrives at Downton Abbey for the Emmy-winning drama’s third season, is stirring up waves with a no-holds barred interview she gave to a British newspaper last …

Watch: ‘Pond Life: Part 2′ – The Doctor Makes A Bedside Visit

Yesterday was the picture postcard, today it’s the unexpected arrival. In this Pond Life mini-series thing, the Doctor is clearly turning out to be something of a nuisance neighbour for the Ponds.

The Brit List: 15 Cool Uses for a London Double Decker Bus

You can’t beat riding on top of the London double decker bus. That made us think, what other cool uses are there for the iconic red bus?

‘X Factor UK’ Contestant’s Tribute to Late-Night Boozing Becomes Viral Hit

When auditioning for a show like American Idol or America’s Got Talent, hopefuls are advised against performing self-penned material. After all, these shows are often little more than high-production value karaoke, and …

The Brit List: 10 Stinging British Insults

I should start with a confession. When compiling this list, I assumed it would be a gadabout stone-skim along the top of the English language, each new bounce a perfectly formed (but firmly NSFW) gem.

Watch: ‘Doctor Who’ Pond Life: Part 1

So here it is! The very first Pond Life!

There will be a new one of these mini-episodes every day this week, leading up to Asylum of the Daleks on Saturday night (September 1st, 9/8c), and by all accounts there’s a cliffhanger on the way. But in the meantime, enjoy!

Photos: ‘Doctor Who’ Premiere Screening in New York

Doctor Who got the old Hollywood treatment at New York’s Ziegfeld Theater this Saturday (August 25) for the U.S.

‘Merrick’ from Ain’t It Cool News: ‘Doctor Who’ Has Changed My Life

Glen Oliver (@GlenOliverAICN), a.k.a.

Steven Moffat Teases ‘Sherlock’ Season Three with Three Words

Last year, Steven Moffat teased the second season of Sherlock with just three words: “Hound. Woman. Fall.

‘Doctor Who’ Rogues Gallery: The Celestial Toymaker

So there’s this guy, right, and he’s immortal. He’s been exiled from an alternative universe, where the physical rules are different, and because of this, he’s lived for millions and millions of years.