‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special: Now With Added Richard E Grant

Richard E Grant (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

Well here’s a nice surprise for a Monday morning! Last week was all about the new trailer for Doctor Who series 7, and now the BBC have announced details of this year’s Christmas Special. It seems the Doctor and his new travelling companion (played by Jenna Louise Coleman) will be joined by Richard E Grant (a man who has featured more than once on those “who should play the Doctor next” lists) and Silent Witness star Tom Ward, in a festive adventure written by Steven Moffat.

A clearly delighted Richard said: “I played Doctor Who in the digital animated Scream Of The Shalka and I’m honoured to be in the Christmas Special.”

Although that’s not the only time Richard has played the Doctor, as this Comic Relief spoof from 1996 proves:

Note for all Whovian Pedants: SHH! Calling the Doctor “Doctor Who” in real life is of no more consequence than people referring to the science officer aboard the Starship Enterprise as “Doctor Spock”. It’s not correct according to the reality of the show, but it’s an easy and understandable mistake to make and displays no malicious or snarky intent, so you risk looking unnecessarily angry and precious making the correction.

Save your ire for the real enemy: Blake’s 7 fans.

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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