David Tennant: “What Happened To ‘Doctor Who’ At The Olympics?”

The Tenth Doctor and the Torch (in ‘Fear Her’)

If you’ve been wondering why Doctor Who failed to make more of an impact in the London Games (beyond Matt Smith carrying the torch as part of the relay, which is still pretty impressive, and certainly made the news as a big thing, so actually the show did get recognised in a way, although clearly not as a big part of the opening ceremony, which did feel a little odd, so probably it’s fair enough to at least ask the question… ah, where was I?), do not worry, David Tennant has your back.

In an interview with G4’s Attack of the Show! he joined the clamour from Whovians worldwide to openly ask what happened to the much-trumpeted Doctor Who segment in the opening ceremony. The segment which was, if you recall, replaced by a TARDIS noise.

After being asked why the Doctor didn’t light the big Olympic torch (as he had done in the story Fear Her), he joked: “What happened? What went wrong? I was waiting for the phone call. There was an online petition apparently, which the London Organising Committee chose to ignore. Worse than that, in the opening ceremony there was this Doctor Who sequence that got cleared. We all had to sign off on it and they cut it!”

Note the “we” there? Very interesting…

He won’t, however, be drawn into a conversation about the 50th anniversary next year, despite a little gentle probing: “Who knows what will happen next year? I’m sure there are lots of plans being discussed in quiet rooms by men with long beards and great power.”

Here’s the full interview, which is, if I’m honest, a right laugh:

Although the temptation to snap “I’M NOT REALLY A TIME LORD! IT WAS ALL TV MAGIC!” must be overwhelming at times…

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